We offer a variety of services to our clients including:

Safety management Systems

We can provide a safety management system for your vessel ensuing compliance with current legislation and in-line with M.S.O & H.S.A guidance and national standards as set out in the relevant codes.

Risk assessments

Carry out on-board risk assessments to identify the Hazards - in order to recommend the required controls to remove or reduce the risk and lower the potential severity of consequences.

Vessel Safety Statement

The Safety Statement sets out how we intend complying with the relevant health,  safety and welfare regulations in order to minimise the risk of accidents.

Standard Operating Procedures

Compilation of the standard operation process to ensure that tasks are undertaken in a safe manner identifying the hazards in order to reduce the risks to the crew and vessel.

Emergency Procedures

Compilation of emergency procedures to ensure that emergency tasks are undertaken in a safe manner identifying the hazards, assigning roles & responsibilities to ensure that all the correct actions are taken.

Training and emergency drill scheduling

We can provide a training plan that can be recorded and updated on the vessel audit, this will ensure drills are undertaken as set out in the relevant guidance documents.